Relax, release tension, and leave feeling energized; massage is so good for your body. 
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TRE® is an innovative series of exercises that helps the body release deeply held tension, stress, & trauma.
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My practice focuses on integrative care, working with the mind and body together to adapt to change, manage stress, and heal.
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Jay Gleason

Helping People Thrive

I've been practicing psychotherapy since 1998 and massage since 2012. I've come to see the value in integrative care, working with the mind and the body. Whether you're looking for a massage, counseling, Chinese Medicine, EMDR, or Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises®, one or all, I think change is possible! Many times the hardest part is making the first contact. If you can contact me, you're on your way!

Massage & Counseling Appointments

New massage appointments are available most weeks. Counseling appointments typically require more advance notice. Now you can schedule your appointment online - EASY!

TRE Module 1 Training
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This training is for people interested in learning about TRE® for their own healing and for those who would like to begin to learn how to use TRE® to help others.
Cost: $450

TRE Module 2 Training
Friday-Sunday: Oct 18-20, 2019
9-4:30 Elements of Healing, Essex Jct, VT
In this 3 day training participants will learn how to teach TRE® to others, how to utilize touch and non-touch interventions, and further deepen their own understanding of the biological and theoretical underpinnings of TRE®.
Cost: $450